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Freelance PHP Webdevelopment

We build custom websites and internet applications based on the latest web standards providing your company with more than just a place on the web.

  1. Modern Techniques | PHP, MySQL, Javascript, CSS, AJAX, XML (Web 2.0)
  2. Web Standards | W3C
  3. Multi Browser Support | Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome
  4. Social Media Integration | YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, WordPress and more...
  5. Newsletters & Blogs | Communicate with your visitors
  6. CMS | Have control over every part of your website
  7. Webshops | Sell your products online
  8. SEO & Traffic Analytics | Make sure people can find you
  9. Website Optimization | Get the speed up!
  10. Data Safety | Protect your information

...or take a look at one of our latest projects: FairMail

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